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Support the Completion  of the "Missing Link" Bike Path in Santiago Creek

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Letters of Support

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Disappointed by the misuse of an earlier letter they had written to a private individual, the Boy Scouts have corrected the record and clearly state that they “support projects that benefit healthy kids, families, and communities”, and that they can be called upon “to conduct service projects on the trail.”

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Why Support a Trail?

Outdoor Activity– We want to connect to the County’s regional trail system and walk and bike to restaurants and shops, Discovery Science Center, the Nature Reserve with bird sanctuary (in Santiago Park), Archery Range, Lawn Bowling, etc. Our kids should enjoy nature and outdoor activity. A trail is an important message to them. The safest route for the trail is in this section of the Creek and not on the road.  


Nature - We are ardent supporters of the environment. We are supportive of other trail groups like The Santiago Creek Greenway Alliance and Trails4All. We want additional trees planted and native habitat restored.    


The Missing Link Currently - The ¼ mile missing link is a haven to people who do not want to be seen.    A bike path will provide police access and provide visibility into this area. This will help to clean up this area. A similar result occurred when Santiago Creek was cleaned up and a bike path was constructed in Santiago Park (in Santa Ana.)  That area now attracts families and mothers with children.  Existing Trail in Santiago Park (Santa Ana) –  ¼ mile away!


Enhanced and More Credible Image for Our Neighborhoods – By building a trail that connects to other trails in the County, we gain an important asset to counter the lack of collective open space. Such trails evoke people's imagination of a well-functioning community. This image is reinforced by the presence of bicycles on a trail through the heart of our neighborhood. A quarter mile linear park along Santiago Creek is the only opportunity we have in this neighborhood to enjoy a natural setting. Our community needs this bike trail as does it’s poorly served citizenry. Santa Ana has the lowest ratio of park space to people on the entire State.  We want monies that are already set aside, at the County level for trails, as part of Measure M, to be spent on our neighborhoods!


The Trail is Going to Cost the City.

We want to utilize State and County monies for the construction of the trail that are set aside as a result of Measure M.   The City of Orange obtained outside funding for 8.25 miles that includes two bike bridges over the Creek and an underpass.   We should be able to easily obtain financing for  ¼ mile of trail from the County.


See this recent article about OCTA's payment of $1.5 million for the completion of a regionally important trail connector connection.


One of the Arguments that the Opponents of the Trail are Saying: