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Support the Completion  of the "Missing Link" Bike Path in Santiago Creek

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The City of Santa Ana has hired a consultant to consider, among other things, the city-wide system of trails and paths. We want to make certain that a trail in the missing link becomes a part of the consultant’s recommendation so that our elected officials can vote on that recommendation! The trail could become one of our community’s greatest assets! If you think this is the right thing for our neighborhoods, please contact us at, by providing your name(s), address and phone number. Please also sign our petition in support of a trail in the missing link.

How You Can Get Involved

Sign Our Petition Here


What you can do –

First, please sign and have others sign the petition (above) including others in your household, spouses, etc. Better yet, we can send a widget that you can attach to pertinent websites or blogs. Spread the word within your group. We need all trail enthusiasts fired up for this matter.


Second, attend the community open houses! Please check this website for periodic updates.


Third, volunteer to help with distributing flyers and otherwise getting out the word that there are a lot of supporters for the trail! Again, contact us at and we will put you on our distribution list.


Fourth, contact your City councilmembers or Mayor in Santa Ana.


Councilmember (Ward 1), Vincent Sarmiento -

Councilmember (Ward 2), Michele Martinez -

Councilmember (Ward 3), Angelica Amezcua -

Councilmember (Ward 4),David Benavides -

Councilmember (Ward 5), Roman A. Reyna -

Councilmember (Ward 6),Sal Tinajero -

Mayor, Miguel Pulido -

City Manager, David Cavazos


If you need to know the Ward that you live in, you can access this map:

Please Click Above